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Ludovic AVENEL : ébéniste créateur - Ludovic_Avenel_les_ateliers_matières_créateur_design_sur mesure_1

Ludovic AVENEL
cabinet maker and creator of furniture

Ludovic Avenel was born in 1984.
Trained at the school Boulle, he was known from the end of his studies in 2007 by the obtaining of the prize Bettencourt Schueller for the intelligence of the hand.
He creates his agency in 2008 in the center of the faubourg Saint Antoine in Paris, historic district cabinetwork.



On of a kind and limited series

Ludovic Avenel associates creativity and know-how to create on of a kind or series limited by funiture intended for an international clientele of big decorators and private collectors.
Between an artistic process and a practice of the methodologies of the design, Ludovic Avenel is for the permanente research for the « beauty » in all its forms.


Special orders
Furnuture and custom-made arrangements

The firm Avenel answers the special orders and proposes his services of design, conception and realization of custom-made furniture to the individual costumers, the architects, the decorators, the artists and the galleries.
That the project is wooden massive, in veneer of precious wood, in parchment, in shagreen, in straw marquetery or with new materials, the Avenel workshop is capable of designing and to realize every type of piece of furniture and custom-made arrangment.
With the objective to propose the best esthetic and technical solutions, the studio of creation and conception masters the drawing, the work of model and the modelling as well as the tools of the 2d and 3d.


The workshop cabinetmaking

Between tradition and innovation the workshop to combine the traditional know-how to the skills of hight precision which require the new technologies. Ludovic Avenel and his journeymen cabinet markers are in search of the quality of details and the finishes associated with the quality of techniques and used materials.
This technical requirement allows the pieces to cross the periods, to guarantee so a sustainability and a transmission of the realizations.To ensure the authenticity, they are stamped numbered and signed.